Death Rides A Horse

death_rides_a_horseDeath Rides A Horse is tasty spaghetti served with revenge sauce and action fries. With loads of famous razor sharp western movie dialogues and smoky hot barrels, it is gonna amuse your cowboy mind a lot.


Director: Giulio Petroni

Stars:  Lee Van CleefJohn Phillip LawMario 

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This movie is LOUD 🙂 But AWESOME


Languahe: Italian
Shooting Locations:  La Calahorra, Granada, Andalucía, Spain

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[/pullquote]Spaghetti films no doubt are deadly stylish flicks western cinema ever witnessed. They do everything in style to capture your cow-boy nerve. And man, they are good at this.

No prize for guessing that Death Rides A Horse is a revenge story (most of western movies are!). I often wonder how come revenge has been used in movies more than any other human trait. It has been the most sought after movie plot base and it is till date. Spaghetti Westerns used, glorified, manipulated and served this revenge feeling cold; just as it is liked by us (the western movies freaks).

death_rides_a_horse_2The movie opens and sets a base for the revenge of our main protagonist Bill Meceita (John Phillip Law) whose family is raped and gunned down by a gang of white outlaws. They leave behind the future-vengeance-god Bill who after 15 years becomes a deadly gunfighter himself and embarks on his revenge driven journey. Watching his shooting skills could not be more entertaining than that. I wonder only if they could send him to Olympic games that year!

Bill searches for Ryan (Lee Van Cleef) who is a former member of the killer gang and being released from prison now. But Ryan has the same vendetta on his gang because they framed him years ago to rot in prison. Now the old gang is a group of well respected men in newly civilized west.

death_rides_a_horse_3Together Bill and Ryan make a dynamic combo to serve their common revenge. One is young blond hot-shot and one is extremely experienced veteran of guerilla fights. Rest is a hot smoky Spaghetti western film which will leave a spicy taste in your mouth. Movie climax in an old western village in a stormy weather is wonderful. I must say most of Spaghetti Westerns end that way only but this one can engage you nicely and tightly. Keep your holster handy..they are everywhere!

Our all time favorite Ennio Morricone is wonderful as ever. Those roaring chorus with Spanish orchestra fills the background with dense tension and doubles all the gun-fun. You will love his music score in this gem from Spaghetti Westerns.

I love this movie and strongly recommend to all you fans of western movies out there. Enjoy !


Western Movie Quotes from Death Rides A Horse

death_rides_a_horse_4Ryan: My gun.
[Warden gives him his gun]
Ryan: Thank you… Now, the bullets.
Prison Warden: The bullets
Ryan: Twenty seven. Fifteen years ago, you put them in one of those bottom drawers there
Prison Warden: Twenty seven. You have a good memory
Ryan: Well, sometimes its not difficult. I still had six in my gun and 21 in my belt. If they hadn’t double- crossed me, the count had been a little bit different.

Ryan (to Bill): Somebody once wrote that revenge is a dish that has to be eaten cold. Hot as you are, you’re liable to end up with indigestion.


Ryan: (to Bill who is buried to his neck) Are you on your way in or out of that hole? You remind me of a groundhog that couldn’t make up its mind.

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