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[mashshare]Western Movies…I saw my first western when I was just a kid. It was none other than The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, one of the best western movies ever made in Western Cinema, starring our beloved Clint Eastwood ! I was mesmerized. Wow! who are these people? ..they shoot, they walk fearless, they spit those witty cowboy quotes, they are quick and dangerous and how majestic they appear when they ride those steeds. That day western films took a toll on me.

When the movie ended, the next thing I wished was to join a gang in the wild west or to have my own cowboy costume, gun and a horse….at least a cowboy hat for god sake . I was hooked to the western movies forever. Soon I was found talking like ‘them’. My sweet ‘Hi There!’ evolved into a rough growl ‘Howdy’. Most of my ‘own’ one-liners were mistaken for cowboy quotes from westerns; I broke my mobile phone several times trying a quick draw with it. And I was mocked for keeping a twig in my mouth all the time.

Has something like that happened to you as well by loving western movies? Most-Wanted-Western-Movies.com is for such passionate lovers of Western Movies.  I am Satty, your host. I love collecting and watching cowboy movies..and believe me, I live in them virtually. Why ? There are countless reasons. A crude style which sets cowboys apart from tommy-hilfiger, is charming in its own way. Look at those rustic characters in these westerns, unkempt stubble and sullen eyes, quickness at gun and wicked animal instinct in their famous cowboy quotes..it’s for real and I am a sucker for that. You too?…bravo! madness likes company.

Although some people say cowboy movies can be categorized as a sub-genre within action movies, I believe this great movie genre holds many sub-genres within itself. You don’t need to watch them too close to see that they come in all flavors; action, drama, comedy, romance, war and mystery too (remember 5 Card Stud ?) Westerns carry their own style and attitude. An attitude of old west.. primitive, rough and brutally captivating. In flashback they show us a growing civilization, and remind us of the true roots and a long journey old west has completed so far.

So put your Cowboy hat on, we are going to explore the best western movies from the wild wild west. Feel free to provide comments or feedback.

Top 20 classic western movies of all time

henry-fonda-once-upon-a-time-in-westA List of 20 Classic Westerns for true western lovers. Check out which movies made it to top of classics. Western genre has given many remarkable films to Hollywood cinema. This is the 20 Best Classic Western Films of all time, Pardoner!


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Top 20 spaghetti westerns – Badasses from Italy

good-bad-ugly-spaghetti-westernThe term ‘Spaghetti Western’ points to Italian take on western movies. They are small budget (most of them) westerns on steroids. You got to be a hard core western affection-ado to enter this arena. Presented is top 20 bad ass spaghetti western movies of all time .


Top Indian (native Americans) westerns

dances-with-volves-filmWesterns are movies of an era which narrates stories of unexplored territories and changing equations with native American tribes. It’s interesting to watch from film writers’ point of view what happened back then. My favorite sub genre of western movies.


A complete list of John Wayne’s western movies

John Wayne Western MoviesHere’s the complete list of John Wayne movies (excluding his TV serials and documentaries). From The Big Trail (1930) to The Shootist (1976). How many have you seen?


Clint Eastwood biography

clint-eastwoodFrom his early life and his odd jobs to his magnanimous stardom, a glance at the bio of talented actor, director and producer Clint Eastwood. And Clint Eastwood Westerns and his famous quotes, of course.


Top 20 western movie themes

man-with-harmonica-western-themesNothing mesmerizes you as Western Movie Themes do. Presented is an exclusive list of Top 20 Western Soundtracks for western film lovers.