Famous Western Actors

You believe it or not, western movie stars were the first Hollywood stars who added a style quotient to the on-screen portrayal of movie protagonists.

Either they played Wild West outlaws, notorious gunfighters, town marshals, bounty hunters or old west farmers, western movie actors carried a heroic attitude which has been an inspiration source always for movie freaks like us.

They charm you with their ‘subtle’ style, they walk tall across the dusty road, they ride beautiful animals, they chase, they hunt, they are greedy or they are generous, they have high self esteem or they are wicked creatures, they are rough, they are ready and they kill swiftly if they have to.

Western movie stars have done it all on the silver screen.

Most characters of western movies are part of 19th century’s popular Western literature. Western films commonly feature as their central characters such as cowboys, gunslingers and bounty hunters.

Western movie stars often depicted aimless wanderers, treasure hunters or revenge seekers who wear Stetson hats, bandannas, spurs, and buckskins, use revolvers or rifles as everyday tools of survival, and ride between dusty towns and cattle ranches on majestic horses.

To say it in one line ..” western movie stars rule !”. Even today western movie posters are in high demand.

Most-Wanted-Western-Movies.com presents the best ever compiled list of western movie stars (alphabetically). This list contains not only the actors and actresses who regularly appeared in western movies but also the ones who were part of some remarkable western film/films.

gene_hackman little bill
Little Bill (Gene Hackman)

Like who ? Say Gene Hackman.

I never found him listed as a Western Movie Actor, but he has acted in two amazing western movies, Unforgiven and The Quick and The Dead. So I included him in the list as well.

Likewise there are Dustin Hoffman, Jeffrey Hunter, Kevin Kline, Paul Newman, Richard Harris (now famous as Dumbledore of Harry Potter), Yul Brynner, Kurt Russell, Van Heflin, Humphrey Bogart..and a few other gentlemen.

After I watched them playing some of the greatest roles in westerns, I felt our list won’t be a complete list if these acting wizards are left outside.

The list of western movie stars is a result of rigorous scanning of western movies, but as I don’t/didn’t know them personally (a pun intended ) I have collected their details from all possible information sources like internet, books, magazines and TV. Whenever required I also have linked back to my information sources to let You western movie aficionados have a zoomed-in vision on western movie stars.

Happy knowing about your favorite western movie stars ! The list is uploaded on April 6th 2008. At this point of time I am in process of collecting details, so possible you won’t be able to see details of stars but only names. But when you come back next time, the details would have been uploaded. Thanks for your patience. I will try my best to keep your ‘western’ side UP.

Popular Actors In Western Movies

Alan Ladd

Ben Johnson

Buck Jones

Burt Lancaster

Charles Bronson

Christian Bale

Chuck Connors

Clayton Moore

Clint Eastwood

Clint Walker

Dan Blocker

Dean Martin

Dennis Weaver

Duncan Renaldo

Dustin Hoffman

Edgar Buchanan

Eli Wallach

Emilio Esteves

Ernest Borgnine

Errol Flynn

Fess Parker

Franco Nero

Fred MacMurray

Gary Cooper

Gene Autry

Gene Hackman

Glenn Ford

Graham Greene

Gregory Peck

Guy Madison

Harry Carey Jr.

Henry Fonda

Humphrey Bogart

Jack Elam

Jack Elam

Jack Holt

Jack Palance

James Arness

James Coburn

James Garner

James Stewart

Jay Silverheels

Jeffrey Hunter

John Carradine

Joel McCrea

John McIntire

John Wayne

Jonathan Gilbert

Ken Curtis

Kevin Costner

Kevin Kline

Kirk Douglas

Kurt Russell

Lee Marvin

Lee Van Cleef

Leo Carrillo

Leonardo Di Caprio

Lindsay Greenbush

Lorne Greene

Lou Diamond Phillips

Michael Landon

Morgan Freeman

Pernell Roberts

Paul Newman

Randolph Scott

Richard Boone

Richard Dix

Richard Bull

Richard Harris

Richard Widmark

Robert Duvall

Robert Mitchum

Robert Redford

Robert Ryan

Ron Howard

Roy Rogers

Russell Crowe

Sam Elliott

Sidney Greenbush

Steve McQueen

Tim Holt

Tim McCoy

Tom Mix

Tom Selleck

Tom Tyler

Val Kilmer

Van Heflin

Victor Mature

Walter Brennan

Ward Bond

Walter Huston

William Boyd

William Holden

William S. Hart

Yul Brynner

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  1. The failure to include Audie Murphy on this list is an epic oversight. Great AMERICAN and great contributor to western films.

  2. You are missing so many character actors like Dub Taylor and Strother Martin and many more. I can give you quite that gave powerful performances as supporting actors. Some native Americans are missing too.

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  4. […] There are many more–take any Western movie made between 1930-1970 (and probably every single one today as well) and the hero inevitably returns from the war to A) his home which is never the same, B) escape the horrors of war, or C) make something of himself that ‘don’t involve killing’. John Wayne, Errol Flynn, Jimmy Stewart, Alan Ladd, Gary Cooper, Gene Autry, Glenn Ford, Roy Rogers, and like 100 more that can be found here. […]