All Clint Eastwood Westerns

For his work in the Western film Unforgiven (1992), Clint Eastwood won Academy Awards for Best Director, as well as receiving nominations for Best Actor.

If the great John Wayne is the king of the western movies, then Clint Eastwood is the golden prince of the western movies. An old veteran and perhaps the most stylish western star of all times. This page is dedicated exclusively to Clint Eastwood western films!

Clint Eastwood shot to stardom after he took a risky decision to do a spaghetti western by Sergio Leone. A film that was rejected by Henry Fonda and Charles Bronson.

Hence it’s actually western film that made him a beloved star. His affection for this genre never died and he acted, directed westerns throughout his career.

Clint Eastwood Spaghetti Westerns Trilogy :


This trilogy i.e. Fistful of dollars(1964), For A Few Dollars More (1965) and The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (1966), is considered the best spaghetti western movies. Spaghetti westerns were not rated highly due to their low budgets, over the top violence and inferior art work. But, these Spaghetti Westerns changed that perception forever. Director Sergio Leone gave one after another hit and this trilogy made Clint Eastwood a mega star.

But Clint Eastwood’s western movies journey started long before this trilogy, and that too with very small and uncredited roles. Check below.

Other Clint Eastwood Western Movies:

Star in the Dust (1956) ____ Tom, ranch hand (uncredited)

clint eastwood star in dust

The First Traveling Saleslady (1956) ____ Lt. Jack Rice, Roughrider

The First Traveling Saleslady-clint-eastwood

Death Valley Days ____ John Lucas (TV serial, 1 episode, 1956)


Ambush at Cimarron Pass (1958) ____ Keith Williams

Ambush at Cimarron Pass-clint-eastwood

Maverick ____ Red Hardigan (TV serial, 1 episode, 1959)

maverick- clint-eastwood

Rawhide ____ Rowdy Yates (TV serial, 217 episodes, 1959-1965)


The Magnificent Stranger (1967)____ Rowdy Yates

magnificent stranger clint eastwood

Hang ‘Em High (1968) ____ Marshal Jed Cooper

Hang.Em.High.1968 Clint Eastwood

Paint Your Wagon (1969) ____ Pardner

Paint-Your-Wagon-1969 clint eastwood

Two Mules for Sister Sara (1970) ____ Hogan


The Beguiled (1971) ____ Cpl. John McBurney


Joe Kidd (1972) ____ Joe Kidd


High Plains Drifter (1973) ____ The Stranger


The Outlaw Josey Wales (1976) ____ Josey Wales


Bronco Billy (1980) ____ Bronco Billy McCoy


Pale Rider (1985) ____ Preacher


Unforgiven (1992) ____ William ‘Bill’ Munny


Western Movies Directed by Clint Eastwood:


  1. High Plains Drifter (1973)
  2. The Outlaw Josey Wales (1976)
  3. Bronco Billy (1980)
  4. Pale Rider (1985)
  5. Unforgiven (1992)

A brilliant director is Clint Eastwood. Movies he directed were not enjoyed just by a common man but also passed the film criticism with flying colors. Unforgiven being the last western Clint Eastwood directed won Academy Award for The Best Director and The Best Picture of 1992.


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  1. The Disney cartoon “the Gummy Bears” had an episode with a bounty hunter styled after Climt… he even has a funny catch phrase.. “go ahead, take my pay”.

  2. I am trying to buy more of Clint Eastwood westerns especially The Good the Bad & the Ugly, which i might add i can’t seem to find, can you tell me where i might be able to get them.

  3. A movie w/ c. Eastwood in it was like a western but had a different feel. There was a white decorated wagon and every time people were going to make progess on their plans something went wrong. It was part of a wagon train and it was set in gorgeous country with huge fir trees. Eastwood was riding a horse but I can’t remember much more. Can anyone help with the title of this movie? It was more of a people movie than an action film.

  4. What was the relationship of the Preacher and the Sheriff in Pale Rider? They knew each other. But no reference to it. I know they were together in Josey Wales. Bloody Bill Anderson
    was left for dead but did not show he died.

  5. The wild west days may have passed on but a glimpsof it can always be seen in one of his westerns. From the High Plains no name Stranger, or the alask preacher, “Kidd”, Hogan, Jed Cooper, Jos Wales, and Will Mun all couldn’t have asked for a better man to play them than the one and only Clint Eastwood! they are all Cool Classic Western Movies .

  6. Has anyone seen the movie duck you sucker with Clint Eastwood, it was in the theaters back in the early 70s, then it was pulled, and now there is no record of it?

  7. Clint Eastwood has to make one more movie with him of course starring in it before g e calls it quits. Maybe the name of the movie could be called Red Dead Redemption.

  8. I am trying to find a western movie Clint Eastwood Produced or Direct where these young men was robbing banks and a Sheriff ask them to help him to catch another robber in a different town and they agreed to go and they found out that the robbers had a gold mine right in the town and they tried to get the leader of the gang. I can’t remember the name of the movie but it says Clint Eastwood direct and produced. Oh I remember in a bar scene they were carrying their guns in a certain way and one of the person in the bar said they must be from Texas the way they are carrying their guns. Thank you for your help

    • It’s a western and a lot of them men carry guns into bars or saloons as were called. It was For a Few Dollars More Clint is bounty Hunter going after a bandit who robs banks and murders people with his gang of 14 men

  9. I’m trying to find the name of the Eastwood western where he is beaten, his shooting hand is crushed, and he’s left for dead. He learns to shoot with his left hand and goes after the men who beat him and left him for dead

  10. what is the name of the film where Eastwood lends money to an old lady who is worried about the bank foreclosing on her farm. Eastwood tells her to get a receipt from the banker and the Eastwood robs the banker after the old lady pays the banker.

  11. I am looking for the name of the movie that clint eastwood was in. It was an american civil war film in which he was captured . The other side used to beat up prisoners to get anything of value from them. WHile they were beating them up they forced other prisoners to play music to hide the noise. If anyone can remember that movie or the name of the music that would be appreciated. (Very moving, brought me to tears)

    • Just stumbled upon the Site, saw your question, friend. It’s easy for any serious Eastwood fan, the film is his sixth theatrical (released on theaters) Western, called The Beguiled (1971).
      It’s a Civil War story, a unique Eastwood Western for its offbeat plot -man captured and quite tortured by a bunch of women!- was directed by Clint’s great friend and film mentor Don Siegel and the Score was composed by the Argentinean Lalo Schifrin. ‘Dove she is a pretty Bird’ is the Traditional American Song that he performs.
      Hope you’ll get the answer.

      • He was referring to The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly where Clint’s character Blondie is held with Tuco in a prison of war camp and Tuco is beaten by Bad guy Angel Eyes (Lee Van Cleef) to sound of music playing to hide screams of Tuco being beaten to avoid being alerted by commanding officer who doesn’t want the men mistreated. Tuco is beaten to find out where is gold is hidden

    • no its “the good, the bad and the ugly” of course. angel eyes”the bad” is tracking a chest of gold. the good and the ugly each know a piece of the info. in the music scene the ugly is beaten to give the info. its in about 2/3rd of the movie. manu chau has a music clip that sounds a bit like the music they play during the movie, but its very different. if you like the music you should look for the credits ant end of movie and see the name and google that, its ennio or emilio something something spanish. or search “western music sad good bad ugly beating” on youtube.

    • The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Clints Character Blondie is captured with Tuco and held in a Union camp as wearing confederate uniforms during Civil War. The Bad or Angel Eyes is at camp as an officer of Union Soliders and has Tuco beaten to find out where cementary is where the gold is hidden.

  12. i will tell you clint eastwood lots of shooting guns in clint eastwood old western films looks similer to all gun shootings in all harrison ford old movies looks similer to all the chuck norris gun shootings in old chuch norris movies looks similer to all the steven segal gun shootings in all the steven segal old movies.


    • High Plains Drifter released in 1973. Eastwood is a stranger who comes to town and protects the town from violent group of men who are released from prison. He has town painted red to confuse the bad guys

  14. Also, how could I forget to mention the mesmerizing tune of the musical pocket watch. Luv it! it’s my ringtone now lol

  15. What a great site! My all time favorite would have to be The good, the bad and the ugly. I’ve watched it a million times and I want to watch it now but I have to go to work.. It’s in the dvd player.. Nah I better not lol.
    I think Clint is the best actor, when I watch his westerns I totally zone out, they’re Captivating and an awesome way to kill time. It’s a lil sad, knowing that there won’t be any more made. See, I’ve only recently started to get into them ( in the last year or so ) and I’ve got about 40 or so movies, unfortunately not all staring Clint but still entertaining. John Wayne is not half as entertaining as Clint. Anywhoo.. better start making my way to work before I’m late. Awesome site

  16. darlene i found a pic 2 it look like he is following u with hius eyes and gun the name is juan r parker on it but cant find nothing on internet

  17. Watchin western movies was first with “Pale rider” and from that movie I watched a lots of clint eastwood as well as other notable western movies.But ………………..the Clint eastwood movies surpasses all.I believe CLINT EASTWOOD IS THE MOST STYLISH AND FINEST ACTOR OF THAT ERA AND THIS ERA AND THE ERA TO COME.I SALUTE THE GREATEST ENTERTAINER.

  18. Thanks for pointing me to “A Fistful of Dollars”. The scene isn’t exactly how I remember. I thought Clint spent more time recovering from his wounds (like days or weeks) and I thought he was hiding under a table and then moved from shadow under the table into the light which revealed his wounded face. The actual shot that has haunted my mind for years is when he is shooting the boiler and moves forward from his shooting position into the light to inspect the bullet marks. I must have been half asleep the first time I saw the scene because my mind has obviously played tricks on me. Thanks again.

  19. Trying to find out about a painted portrait from the movie hang em high. I have no idea who painted it or when it was painted, but found one identical to the one off of “hang em high”. Any information would be greatly appreciated!

  20. David Delouchery,
    If you are passing this way again the answer is…..Fistful of Dollars.
    He (Clint) hides in the mine and makes himself a bullet proof vest ready for the final showdown.

  21. I’m looking for a film with a scene that i can’t get out of my mind. I believe it is a Clint Eastwood western but I haven’t found the right film yet. The main character (Clint?) is shot up and injured. He hides in a abandoned (mining?) camp and nurses himself back to health before going after the men that put him there. The shot that haunts my mind if of the cowboy hiding under a table like a injured rat but all you see is his intense smoldering eyes (as the camera dollies in for a closeup) preparing for revenge. Can you help me out?

  22. In my book, Clint Eastwood’s western movies were far much better than John Wayne’s. He would never wearing spanking clean suits while riding through the desert like Wayne did. He’s the man. My favorite movie is “The Outlaw Josey Wales.”

  23. Anybody playing games ?I think the game Call of Juarez is a pretty good game and if they make a movie about it Clint Eastwood should be the main character

  24. for me watching old clint eastwood on my small collection of eastwood dvds are like that old record that your kids are so tired of hearing you play every sunday after dinner. love the man his movies his talent has yet to be improved upon . i will continue my lifes quest to collect his intire volume of eastwood westerns. keep up the good work.

  25. Well I am a very big fan of Clints work and his directing. This man has portrayed the classic image of the rough riding cowboy in numerous films and perfected it. With his Iconic stare or his half smoked cigar even his pale horse have set the tone for many westerns today. The wild west days may have passed on but a glimps of it can always be seen in one of his westerns. From the High Plains no name Stranger, or the alaskan preacher, “Kidd”, Hogan, Jed Cooper, Josey Wales, and Will Munny all couldn’t have asked for a better man to play them than the one and only Clint Eastwood!

  26. Great website man! I’m a big fan of Clint Eastwood, and especially his westerns. The spaghetti-trilogy must be the best movies that ever had been made. So GREAT! And I like Clint’s style in the movies – it’s so cool. The trilogy is best, but “Two Mules For Sister Sara”, “The Outlaw Josey Wales”, “High Plains Drifter” and “Pale Rider” are all also so very good. Thanks for this site man.

  27. I love Mr. Eastwood’s movies, especially “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly” and “A Fistful Of Dollars”

  28. Im going to need to watch some of these movies. If any of you guys here play videogames as well I strongly recommend getting Red Dead Redemption. Awesome western game.

  29. awesome website guy, just wondering, what is Clint Eastwood’s best western other tan unforgiven, and TGTBATU (thats right I abbreviated it what you gonna do about it?)

  30. It would be great to see Clint back in the saddle. If not persuaded,. perhaps he might consider writing/directing. Western Movies really need to make a serious comeback. Nothing like ’em!

  31. I have looked everywhere for a nicely compiled list of Clint Eastwood westerns for my brother…….now here it is. You’re the bomb!