Top Western Comedies

western-comediesWhen you think western comedies, you imagine some funny looking cowboys in some hilarious situation and making you laugh for a change. For a change.. because this is not what you see them doing in most of the western gunslinger movies. Good comedy movies are always rare. And if you are searching for comedy films in one of the most ferious and blood thirsty genres of cinema called ‘Western Movies’, you gotta search them like you search a lost cow in Big Country of wild west.

But don’t worry Gringo, presents the List of 20 Best Western Comedies of all time. These comedy ventures of western cinema are the naughtiest and hilarious flicks you can ever imagine. These are the top western comedy films which can’t be missed by any western movie lover.

Welcome to the the most complete list of the riotous western comedy films EVER! The ranking is done after rigorous analysis of their popularity and public reviews over internet. Of course has included some underrated and ignored gem of comedy westerns to make it a complete list of western comedies. Some of these comedies are not only best in western movies but also can be ranked as top comedy movies in general. So, this list of 20 Best Western Comedy Flicks for 2009 has it all: Western Movie Spoofs, Spaghetti Westerns, TV Westerns, Modern Westerns and Classic Westerns – truly the top Comedy Western movies for the dedicated Western Freak.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s start from top to bottom of our List of 20 The Best Comedy Westerns !

1. Blazing Saddles – (1974)

[video_lightbox_youtube video_id=jQzI3k39Cfw width=640 height=480 anchor=]

2. Support Your Local Sheriff – (1969)

[video_lightbox_youtube video_id=DpZQa1lI0rM width=640 height=480 anchor=]

3. Destry Rides Again -(1939)

[video_lightbox_youtube video_id=By48VYXP16s width=640 height=480 anchor=]

4. Cat Ballou -(1965)

[video_lightbox_youtube video_id=–oiApb2dAo width=640 height=480 anchor=]

5. Maverick – (1994)

[video_lightbox_youtube video_id=VeC4pCb8q6o width=640 height=480 anchor=]

6. McLintock -(1963)

[video_lightbox_youtube video_id=ifRKu1W1fXQ width=640 height=480 anchor=]

7. My Name Is Nobody -(1973)

[video_lightbox_youtube video_id=2RYq1PLdT0s width=640 height=480 anchor=]

8. The Paleface -(1948)

[video_lightbox_youtube video_id=lUZx2QXvS_0 width=640 height=480 anchor=]

9. Paint Your Wagon -(1969)

[video_lightbox_youtube video_id=B0idoJnBAvk width=640 height=480 anchor=]

10. City Slickers – (1991)

[video_lightbox_youtube video_id=Y9rP0kdoDnM width=640 height=480 anchor=]

11. Way Out West – (1937)

[video_lightbox_youtube video_id=PqntSLz8PWs width=640 height=480 anchor=]

12. Go West -(1925)

[video_lightbox_youtube video_id=gAmddi8fr4c width=640 height=480 anchor=]

13. The Ballad of Cable Hogue -(1970)

[video_lightbox_youtube video_id=iD4UawK_k90 width=640 height=480 anchor=]

14. There Was a Crooked Man – (1970)

[video_lightbox_youtube video_id=s3jwH2pb-SM width=640 height=480 anchor=]

15. Son of Paleface -(1952)

[video_lightbox_youtube video_id=bRo38-JPDMU width=640 height=480 anchor=]

16. My Little Chickadee -(1940)

[video_lightbox_youtube video_id=U-KiyEyTXfk width=640 height=480 anchor=]

17. A Man from the East -(1972)

[video_lightbox_youtube video_id=HztDys6OZiI width=640 height=480 anchor=]

18. North to Alaska -(1960)

[video_lightbox_youtube video_id=UhZeTaaus2Y width=640 height=480 anchor=]

19. The Cheyenne Social Club -(1970)

[video_lightbox_youtube video_id=joPMuaFa1Ds width=640 height=480 anchor=]

20. Shanghai Noon – (2000 )

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Not In The Top 20 Western Comedies

But Still Enjoyable…

Western film freaks! There are some absolute fun comedy westerns here that shouldn’t be missed by any comedy film lover! The amount of humor varies but they all deliver what they are made for – FUN !

  • They Call Me Trinity (1970)
  • The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean (1972)
  • Trinity is Still My Name (1971)
  • Ride ‘Em Cowboy (1942)
  • Rancho Deluxe (1975)
  • The Frisco Kid (1979)
  • Three Amigos (1986)
  • The Shakiest Gun in the West (1968)
  • The Rounders (1965)
  • From Noon Till Three (1976)
  • Rustlers’ Rhapsody (1985)
  • Along Came Jones (1945)
  • Waterhole #3 (1967)
  • Support Your Local Gunfighter (1971)

This list can work as your movie rental guide (if you love to rent dvd movies, most of these famous movies are available on dvd). These top 20 movie rentals from western movies are timeless work of art. They were funny, they are and they will be forever.
You have seen a great western comedy movie and you didn’t find it on the list sad ? Not to hesitate! Just send your movie review with rating and fair chances are you will see it listed here. If you have nominations for the Western Comedy Movies list or any other Comment or Question about the list of Western Comedies, Contact us!

90 Comments on Top Western Comedies

  1. derren

    Anyone help,a friend has asked about a film a western type kind of rat race where they have to find certain items whilst racing around on horses he remembers one of the items was a feather,but can’t remember what the film was called,only serious film buffs will know this ……………..HELP

  2. Pamela

    In the very early 1970’s we saw a Western in Pretoria. All the cowboys wore white, had white 20-gallon hats, under which they had white beehive hair-dos, and they all rode white horses. The film was hilarious but I think that my husband and I were the only people in the (very Afrikaans) audience who thought so.

    Has anyone got any idea what this fillm was called?

  3. Jennifer

    I’m looking for a western I watched with my brother in the 80’s. One of the side kicks was a drunk dr that would say, “Toodaloo” right before he passed out. I think they were on a stagecoach. It’s not the John Wayne movie from the 30’s.

  4. Hi guys, I am 46 now, and I am trying to find and old western movie, I think from 1960-1970, it is starred by a blonde girl, that went by wagon to work as a dancer in a saloon, and then the wagon gets robbed and the girl is shown to be a real gunslinger (but keeps this fact hidden and let other man take the credit for saving the stagecoach from being robbed) In another scene after a saloon dance act, she kills a man by tying a shotgun on a knob and entices the man to enter the room.
    It is like a western comedy-adventure, It was featured on tv in Argentina in about 1970 – 1978 , i watched in black and white, but maybe the film was in color.

  5. jeff

    I have been trying to find a western I saw years ago and absolutely cant. In the one scene the guy kisses a girl and starts doing back flips across the roofs

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  7. Roy

    Anyone know of a movie where the hero hides a turkey leg in his holster earlier in the film only to end up drawing it at out the big showdown? It isn’t Texas Across The River but was made in that era.

  8. Thomas

    I’m looking for a DVD or better quality movie from the early fifties which has stuck in my mind for all this time. It’s a western movie called El Paso starring John Payne, I was a lad when I saw it and to me it was full of the traditional excitement when a tenderfoot had to learn how to draw quick and shoot straight. I saw the movie on TCM about 20 years ago but I think it was a taped version and I would like to get a good quality dvd version.

  9. Pete

    Hi guys, trying to find information about a short movie I saw that played before the main feature back in the late 60’s early 70’s. It was a comedy western where all the horses were invisible and the cowboys had really tall hats and when they took them off there hair was the same height and shape.
    Hoping you can help. Pete

  10. Joyce Gregory

    the time was after 1985. I was working nights. came home one night, turned on the tv. there was a western showing. the Indians were chasing these wagons and there was liquor on the wagons. after a while the Indians got drunk and the wagon people started chasing the Indians. I want to say the title of the movie was real long and had the word “red” in it. some good actors were in it but as time has gone by I don’t remember who they were. Please help me with this.

  11. Lourdes

    I’m trying to look for a western film that’s not a comedy. The only details I have is that it’s about twin brothers who are on opposite sides of the law and the whole movie is about how much alike they are. It ends with them having a shoot out but because they’re so alike the bullets hit each other and land on the floor melded together. I really appreciate the help.

  12. Felipe

    Hello! So I remembered about an old west comedy movie that there is this gay american indian.. And there is a scene too where the main character find the map tattooed on the woman’s body (I think in her back..) That’s all I can remember.. Can anyone help me remember the name please?!!

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  15. CSierra

    I’ve been trying to track down a western which has an hysterical dialog with the hero telling his sidekick to go and tell the bad guy, ‘If I die, he dies.” The sidekick mangles the pronouns and keeps getting sent back and forth between the two. Anyone remember this?

  16. Peter

    I recall seeing a very funny western in black and white where there were no horses, the stage comes into town in a cloud of dust and stops but there are no horses. The posse rides into town and they all pretend to get off their horses. The hero also wore whit wooly chaps and had an enormous western hat and his head was the same shape ..does anyone else remember seeing this .. I would love to get it for my grandkids ??

  17. Penny Hay

    The film I’m hoping you can identify starts off with a woman being dragged across the desert with her foot in the stirrup, by her horse, when the hero stops the horse she only has a bit of dust on her face. Also the Hero has a selection of Hats to choose from to put over his face as he sleeps under the stars.

  18. ronnie

    KRIS, I think I’m also looking for the same movie, if I’m correct there was also a scene where the cowboy trying to stop the coach also swung from a rope and missed and hits a rock instead. And in another scene the one i remember most is the lone rider gets run over by a boulder and full smashes him into ground leaving his frame outline and all that was sticking was his nose which cracked when he wiggled it. The character was a clumsy, fail at everything cowboy. Please help

  19. Alan

    i am looking for a western, it was a comedy where one of the characters was called frog, it was a funny line where he said people call me frog, a bloke says really whats your real name, to which he replies frog, it was in the 70’s i think.

  20. Barry

    In this comedy there were two men in a little western town who were always fighting. One was a big man and the other, a little thinner. Their battles, about who was the better man, were ripping up the town. The sherif, having had enough, tolded them that the one who won a scavinger hunt, where one of the items to be collected was a feather from the headdress of Chief Crasy Horse, would be the better man. The smaller of the two men, in this super funny scene, came across a crazy old coot on the prairie and asked him, as they were walking leading there horses, if he knew where he might find Chief Crasy Horse. One momment the old man would say, “oooh! sure I know Chief CH me and him go way back”, and the next momment, at the other mans request as to CCH’s whereabouts, he would reply, “Who?”. Other man: “CCH”. Old Man: “Where! Where is he, that no good snake #&%!*!”, as he pulled his gun waving it around. He was loco! I remember him saying that people thought he was nuts, but he would just act that way because the indians believed that a crazy man was bad medicine. But, the resulting conversation, which was simular to “who’s on first”, proved him wacky!
    What was the name of this Film. I think I saw it back in the early eightys on either TBS,TNT,USA or something like that. Please help if you can, Thanks!

  21. Michelle

    Does anyone know of an old western comedy where the “bad guy” kidnaps a woman and the “good guy” is trying to get her back? The good guy had a funny horse who stole his blanket at night, would come when the good guy whistled, and pouted if he got in trouble. I don’t know what it was called or who was in it but would like to find out. Thanks!

  22. beau samson

    hey. i’m looking for a much more recently released comedy western. i remember hearing it’s by the directors of or writers of or producers of or something a long those lines of Airplane!

    it starts off with the main character as a kid, and in one scene he has to crawl up a horse or donkeys ass. in another scene later in the movie, one of the background trees is an actor in a tree suit who a bullet hits. the tree then dies in dramatic fashion. ring any bells, anyone? Thanks!!@$

  23. barnelly

    Can anyone identify a comedy western from around 1970’s. The plot involved a gold strike and at certain times during the film (e.g. when the cowboy kissed the saloon girl), cupids fluttered across the screen!? Please prove I’m not crazy, I know I saw this movie in Weymouth but no one believes me!!

  24. roberta Thames

    I am looking for a movie with a very famous actor that is saddled with a teenager. they are searching for gold,in a canyon, among others, And they finally get it.

  25. Mona

    who knows the name of a comedy in which a cowboy goes back in time as a roman. There is a scene where he is driving a car with horses, the two weels fell off and you see his legs running….
    Another scene is, he is standing in a saloon another man enters and wants to shoot him and he is faster because he shoot through his holster. I hope somebody remember this scenes.

  26. 2red

    Hi, can anyone help with the Title of a Comedy western with scenes—-of a gay indian, –washing a horse and it shrinks,–and painting their Tee Pee with a paint roller, possibly german made ( we think) made LOL , cheers

  27. Hellothere

    Can anyone recognize the movie where two cowboys are traveling to do something, the memorable thing about it though is that the younger one keeps accidentally shootin his horses.There is a scene where this cowboy is told to keep his gun pointed to the sky all night to steady his aim, but he falls asleep and shoots his horse when his hand drops. Anyone remember what this movie was called?

  28. Chuck

    Hi everyone. Odd question, I know, but there is a western that’s a comedy where, at one point, one of the actors–every time he shoots his gun–two indians fall off their horse. He runs out of bullets, THROWS his gun, two indians again fall off their horse. Does anyone know which movie this scene is in? Thank you! Charley (

  29. GUS

    I am looking for an old comedy with an chinese guy ,who swallows a key, and then he had to take it out from his ass!In another scene of the same movie, there are 3 guys in a saloon and they are waiting for they order until one of the guy dies(you can see his bones), and another guy grows like a grandpa!Really very funny western!Please help!

  30. QuestFinder

    Hi everyone! I’m trying to find this film that revolves around to actors one has black hair and the other is blonde which seems like a normal story but then turns wild!
    Includes some kind of hot lava like pond and robot type things near the end!! anyone pleeeees!!!

  31. zoie

    Dave Hazelwood, I can remember that movie. I sat in his hysterics at the point you have raised.
    At the start of the film the key characters save a girl from the local witch doctor I think. The Chief and warriors couldn’t get anything right and it was a very funny movie. Sadly even after researching still can’t find the movies name:/

  32. Dave Hazelwood

    Help ! Can somebody help me remember a movie?

    It was an old comic western.

    All I remember about it is this Indian they kept calling “Chief”
    and he would appear again and again riding on a horse and he or a cowboy chasing him kept riding into an overhanging limb of a true and being knocked off his horse. The first time it was funny. The second and third time, even funnier.

    No much to go on I know but with all the movie fiends here I
    am betting somebody will remember it.

    I recall it as being black & white but am not positive. Also remember a lot of dialogue in a saloon.

    Ring any bells for anyone?

    • Dickns

      To Dave Hazlewood – I was just searching for this movie myself; the closest I got was when Google brought me to your question of 2011. My (very uncertain) recollection is that Terrence Hill may have been in it. Did you ever identify the movie?

      Another memorable segment was the cavalry officer bellowing totally incomprehensible commands to his troops on parade.

    • DIck Neergaard

      Re Dave Hazelwood’s Query (of 2011); Dave posted:
      “It was an old comic western. // All I remember about it is this Indian they kept calling “Chief”
      and he would appear again and again riding on a horse and he or a cowboy chasing him kept riding into an overhanging limb of a true and being knocked off his horse. The first time it was funny. The second and third time, even funnier.”

      My son and I too are trying to find this movie. Another clue: the officer commanding a cavalry troop on parade keeps bellowing orders that are totally unintelligible to the troop, of course causing chaos.

      Terrence Hill MAY have been in this movie (it was his style). Anyone remember what it was?

  33. Ian

    Mack Sennett made some comedy Westerns including two or three two reel talkies with his last sweetheart Marjorie Beebe. One at least of them also had a horse in a starring role. Madcap Beebe and her equally madcap filly run away to a circus where the filly falls in love with a big Arab stallion. When Beebe’s exasperated old father, played by the excellent Andy Clyde, catches up with them the horse tries to mediate between father and daughter. Clyde was about the first in a long line of wonderful old critters in Westerns, a line that includes Walter Brennan and my personal favorite Edgar Buchanan.

  34. maryanne

    hi can you tell me what comedy western this scene is from? three or four actors jump out of a window or maybe a roof onto the back of one horse and tear off. it was very funny. i had thought it was part of cat ballou but have just watched that movie again and found it wasnt part of that movie. any help appreciated cheerio maryanne

  35. Looking for old western comedy with indians and soldiers in it. In one scene the Chief tell the other indian to shoot and arrow on fire to burn a wagon and he sets the Chiefs headdress on fire. In another scene the Colonel tells the soldier to shoot at the idians and ends up shooting the Colonel in the butt. My Dad and Mom got up in the middle of the night to watch this because I was laughing so hard. He is really sick and I would like to find this to watch with him again.

  36. Please help me!!!
    I am looking for an old comedy with western indians and soldiers. In one scene the Chief tells the other indian to light his arrow and shoot the wagon to catch it on fire and ends up catching the Chiefs headdress on fire. Then in another scene the soldier is told to shoot at the indian and shoots the Colonel in the but. It was very funny. My Dad and Mom got up in the middle of the night to watch me because I laughed so hard. My dad is really sick and I would like to find this movie to watch with him again. Can you help me????

  37. CJ

    Tal–the movie you want is “The Fastest Guitar Alive,” starring Roy Orbison (yes, the singer). It’s available on DVD; I think carries it.

  38. cino

    I’m curious as to the name of a western comedy I saw at least 15 years ago. Its about two brothers, in one scene, one is described as being the fastest gun in the west, and his brother is described as being the strongest man in the west, by one of the men’s children. Does anyone know which movie I am referring to? Thankyou

  39. I am trying to find out the name of a movie that was out around 1967 or 1968 . It was very funny, and it was about them bring alcohol across country and several groups were trying to get to the alcohol either to steal it or help it get to area, there was also a group who did not want alcohol and also the indians were trying to get the alcohol it would show a map of them all coverging on the train and it was so funny

  40. Miguel

    Trying to find this movie where the funniest scene is a gunslinger too drunk to stand but needed to help the main character in a shootout in some town. In order to make him look like he has it under control they bind him up on a plank or something and display him in a window as sober. I always thought this was in cat ballou but it is not. I do think it is Lee Marvin that plays the drunk. Anyone recognize this????

  41. Tal Blaiser

    Greetings. I am looking for an old movies that I watched when I was young, I can’t remember the names of the characters or the title of the movie.

    But here is what I remember, The hero was an antagonist, a nasty cowboy, but decided to go straight for his girl, but in the end his evil way get the best of him… oh and his rival had a guitar gun whom he love so much that he took the bullet that was aimed at it.

    Thank you.

  42. longey

    iam looking for a westren movie stars for awhile now and i did not find their names yet .
    i watched them when i was a little boy and loved them so much and i will describe them as best as i can .
    they were 2 westren movie stars and they acted together in a lot of films . one is fat and have a little beard and very strong , the other one is thin and have blue or green eyes he was very smart and love ladys . they were funny together and they always run into trouble . the moveis were old but not black and white it was colourd .
    please helb me find their names and i will appreciate it very much .
    thank u all

    • TheMax

      The guys you are looking for have to be Bud Spencer (the strong, fat guy with the beard) and Terence Hill (the thin and smart guy). They are both italian actors and are also referred to as ‘The Trinity Brothers’. They have made movies both together and solo. Some titles: ‘They call me Trinity’, ‘My name is still Trinity’, ‘Crime busters’, ‘All the way, boys’ and ‘I’m for the Hippopotamus’.

  43. Kris

    Anyone know what movie this is? I remember seeing this in the 1980s,but only remember two scenes in this movie. One scene was a man and woman in a horse and buggy (or it could have been a train) riding through some mountains and they could go through these black tunnel like doors, but when the people following them tried to go through it it was solid. The next scene was this woman kissed this guy and he started to go in really fast motion. Anyone know what I am talking about?

  44. klaus schmidt

    what about “the cockeyed cowboys of calico county”? If you left that one off you don’t need to be doing this anymore. that’s not only a top ten but also most memorable as well as funny, better than most of those you have listed in the top 10!

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  46. Hello :)

    What was the best quality and worst movie of 2010 in your oppinion? In my opinion it might have to be:

    Greatest: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

    Worst: A Nightmare on Elm Street

    All the best :) <3

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