Top 20 Indian (Native Americans) Westerns


Some saw them as the enemies of the civilized world, while some understood their pain and plight.

Native American Indians are an integral part of this genre of films. Western films have depicted native Americans in good as well as in dark light. Depends upon who’s writing the film.

Below is the list of top 20 native American Indians movies from western genre.

1. Dances with wolves (1990) by Kevin Costner

2. Little big man (1970) by Arthur Penn

Read Little Big Man review here.

3. The last of Mohicans (1992) by Michael Mann

4. A man called horse (1970) by Elliot Silverstein

5. Cheyenne autumn (1964) John Ford

6. Broken arrow (1950) by Delmer Daves

7. Geronimo – An American legend (1993) by Walter Hill

8. Apache (1954) by Robert Aldrich

9. Flaming star (1960) by Don Siegel

10. 100 rifles (1969) by Tom Gries

11. The Indian fighter (1955) by Andre de Toth

12. The return of a man called horse (1976) by Irvin Kershner

13. Geronimo (1962) by Arnold Laven

14. Bury my heart at wounded knee (2007) by Yves Simoneau

15. Wind river (2000) by Tom Shell

16. Fort Apache (1948) by John Ford

17. I will fight no more forever (1975) by Richard T. Heffron

18. Battle of chief Pontiac (1952) by Felix E. Feist

19. Crazy Horse (1996) by John Irvin

20. The Stalking Moon (1968) by Robert Mulligan


  1. Dancing with Kevin Costner absolutely horrendous.
    The other movies are good.
    But I can’t believe you put that movie as number one.

  2. I am looking for two classic western movies – 1) Union Pacific w/Joel McCrae (1939) and 2) The Ox-bow Incident w/Henry Fonda (1943). Do you have these in DVD (VHS would be fine also, if that is all you have). Your site is hard to manipulate through as I could not find anyway to view the movies. My husband is a western movie buff and would really like to get these two classics. By the way, if we want to order movies from your site, how do we go about it. Could not find any place to contact you or place an order. Anyway, a response would be appreciated so I know that you have received this comment, and to also answer my questions. My e-mail addie is PLEASE RESPOND!!!!!!

    Patricia (Pat) Kennedy