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Are you a John Wayne Movies fan? Then glance through all ‘Western Films De John Wayne’. Movies Duke has done throughout his career contain many other genre films (war, romance, drama, sports) as well and I tried to enlist all of them too. Because in my opinion, “Once a John Wayne fan, always a John Wayne fan!” (this is my copyright quote smily). So if you like his western movies then you will like his other movies too. However other genre movies are tagged with NAWF tag which means Not A Western Film, and we will not be reviewing those as We are just western movie freaks.


Presented is the complete list of John Wayne Movies (excluding his TV serials and documentaries). If you are a duke fan then clearly there will be many films among the John Wayne Movies that you have already seen, perhaps dozens of times. Still, most of the John Wayne Movies are worth watching again to keep your western soul alive.
Newly acquainted with John Wayne Movies? Then it is advisable to start from the bottom of the John Wayne Movies list. I mean his latest ones. You may not have a hardcore fan’s nerve to watch Duke’s earlier movies.

  1. Brown of Harvard(1925)- NAWF
  2. The Great K&A Train Robbery(1926) We start counting John Wayne movies since when he was not counted (uncredited) among the cast. Although he was an uncredited extra in this film, in the list of John Wayne movies, The Great K&A Train Robbery keeps an important place.
    This is first known western movie he acted in. Tom Mix was the main star of the movie and performed his all stunts himself. A must watch for old western movie freaks.
  3. Bardelays The Magnificent(1926)- NAWF
  4. The Drop Kick(1927) – NAWF
  5. Annie Laurie(1927)- NAWF
  6. Mother Machree(1928)- NAWF
  7. Hangman’s House(1928)- NAWF
  8. Four Sons(1928)- NAWF
  9. Words and Music (Silent)(1929)- NAWF
  10. Speakeasy(1929)- NAWF
  11. Salute(1929)- NAWF
  12. Noah’s Ark(1929)- NAWF
  13. The Forward Pass(1929)- NAWF
  14. The Black Watch(1929)- NAWF
  15. Words and Music (Sound)(1929)- NAWF
  16. Men Without Women(1930)- NAWF
  17. A Rough Romance(1930)
  18. Born Reckless(1930)- NAWF
  19. Cheer Up and Smile (1930)- NAWF
  20. The Big Trail (1930) -Marion Robert Morrison of Winterset, Iowa not only gets promoted from a help-boy to the first leading role of his movie career….but also he gets his new name from director Raoul Walsh…John Wayne!! And an era of John Wayne movies begins. Although the movie didn’t do well on box-office, our 23 year old John gives a nice performance and finds his way into small budget western movies and serials. It would be another 9 years till his star-making Stagecoach will happen. John Wayne played a wagon train scout named Breck Coleman who leads wagons of settlers from the Mississippi River to the West. On the way he juggles many jobs, for example protecting settlers from Indian attack, storms, rock cliffs and looking for the murder of a trapper and falling in love with heroine. Watch it just for the fun of watching our boy John!
  21. Girls Demand Excitement(1931)- NAWF
  22. Three Girls Lost (1931)- NAWF
  23. Arizona, aka Men Are Like That (1931)- NAWF
  24. The Deceiver(1931)- NAWF
  25. Range Feud(1931)
  26. Maker of Men(1931)- NAWF
  27. Texas Cyclone(1932)
  28. Hurricane Express(1932))- NAWF
  29. Shadow Of The Eagle(1932))- NAWF
  30. Two Fisted Law (1932) John Wayne plays a rancher who is having hard times. He is about to lose his ranch, his girlfriend and everything he has. Then a robbery happens in the town and John Wayne ‘the Duke’ is the prime suspect. In a situation like this only ‘two fisted law’ can help. John Wayne put on heavy make-up in this poster. Hasn’t he smily? Black and white 64 minutes western movie. You are scrolling through The COMPLETE List Of John Wayne Movies…Keep Going! smily
  31. That’s My Boy(1932)- NAWF
  32. Lady and Gent, aka The Challenger(1932)- NAWF
  33. Ride Him Cowboy(1932)
  34. The Big Stampede(1932)
  35. Haunted Gold (1932)
  36. The Telegraph Trail(1933)
  37. Central Airport (1933)- NAWF
  38. Somewhere in Sonora(1933)
  39. His Private Secretary(1933)- NAWF
  40. Three Musketeers(1933))- NAWF
  41. Life Of Jimmy Dolan(1933))- NAWF
  42. Baby Face (1933)- NAWF Now we are starting to see some of the known John Wayne Movies. John Wayne took a long western trail in 1933 and rode it proudly till 1950. The Duke acted in 54 western films in a span of 17 years, average 3 western films a year. Isn’t it great smily? During this time span, John Wayne acted in at least one western film each year (except 1946).
  43. The Man from Monterey (1933)
  44. Riders of Destiny(1933) – Wayne is a Secret agent sent on a mission to help poor ranchers who are threatened by a gang of goons and their water supply is endangered. Duke is playing secret agent but don’t expect a 007 out of him. That was too early for him. Not a classic one but still these 51 minutes hold a good rank among earlier John Wayne Movies.
  45. College Coach(1933)- NAWF
  46. Sagebrush Trail (1933)
  47. West of the Divide (1934)
  48. The Lucky Texan(1934)
  49. Blue Steel (1934)
  50. The Man from Utah(1934)
  51. Randy Rides Alone(1934)
  52. The Star Packer (1934)
  53. The Trail Beyond(1934)
  54. The Lawless Frontier(1934)
  55. ‘Neath Arizona Skies(1934)
  56. Texas Terror(1935) -After holding himself responsible for the killing of his best buddy, a sheriff quits from his job. With a guilty self he starts living a secluded life in the high country. He comes back when his deceased friend’s daughter hires him as a ranch foreman. Eventually the two fall in love but story writer of movie played a wicked game and made the woman hear about the foreman’s involvement in her father’s death. smily
    Rest makes one of earlier John Wayne films.
  57. Rainbow Valley (1935)
  58. The Desert Trail(1935)
  59. The Dawn Rider(1935)
  60. Paradise Canyon (1935)
  61. Westward Ho(1935)
  62. The Lawless Range (1935)
  63. The New Frontier (1935)
  64. The Oregon Trail(1936)
  65. The Lawless Nineties(1936)
  66. King of the Pecos(1936)
  67. Winds of the Wasteland(1936) With the arrival of technology like telegraph, pony riders are out of job. Poor Johnny Blair (John Wayne) and Larry Adams (Lane Chandler) buy a run-down stageline from Cal Drake (Douglas Cosgrove) who cheats them as every smart western villain is supposed tosmily. To get even with Drake, they compete him in a final race which will decide who will take a lucrative government mail contract. Their cheering team is Barbara Forsythe (Phyllis Fraser) of ghost town of Crescent City. A good western from John Wayne movies.
  68. The Lonely Trail(1936)
  69. The Sea Spoilers (1936)- NAWF -You are scrolling through The COMPLETE List Of John Wayne Movies…Keep Going! smily
  70. Conflict(1936)- NAWF
  71. California Straight Ahead (1937)- NAWF
  72. I Cover the War(1937)- NAWF
  73. Idol of the Crowds(1937)- NAWF
  74. Adventure’s End (1937)- NAWF
  75. Born to the West aka Hell Town (1937)
  76. Pals of the Saddle(1938)
  77. Overland Stage Raiders (1938)
  78. Santa Fe Stampede (1938) This movie is a part of the Three Mesquiteers series from John Wayne Movies. A prospector (Farnum) finds gold (root cause of many westerns) and invites his friends (John Wayne, Corrigan, and Terhune) to share the claim and seeks their help. However when they reach to help him out, prospector is dead and law is on their trail. John Wayne is framed for the murder (againsmily). The trio discovers Mason, a crooked politician is behind everything. No it’s up to them to set things right before it’s too late.
  79. Red River Range(1938)
  80. The Night Riders(1939)
  81. Three Texas Steers (1939)
  82. Wyoming Outlaw(1939)
  83. New Frontier, aka Frontier Horizon(1939)
  84. Stagecoach(1939) Although the John Wayne films had created their audience by this time, it was John Ford’s Stagecoach in which his role as The Ringo Kid catapulted “The Duke” to real super stardom. The Stagecoach tells the story of a trip which is spiced up by the fact that Geronimo Geronimo and his Apaches are on the warpath in the area. There are well written characters in this star-studded ride. A convict John Wayne, drunk doctor Thomas Mitchell (in a Oscar-winning role), scorned prostitute Claire Trevor, polished gambler John Carradine, pregnant teenager Louise Platt, a banker who has stolen his client’s money, whiskey salesman Donald Meek, lawman George Bancroft and driver Andy Devine. Shot in Utah’s Monument Valley Stagecoach tells a story never told before in western cinema. It outmoded the westerns came before and it set a benchmark for all which followed. Watch this western movie and see what made John Wayne the ‘duke’! smily
  85. Allegheny Uprising, aka The First Rebel(1939)
  86. Dark Command (1940)
  87. Three Faces West (1940)- NAWF
  88. The Long Voyage Home(1940)- NAWF
  89. Seven Sinners(1940)- NAWF
  90. A Man Betrayed, aka Wheel of Fortune(1941)- NAWF
  91. Lady From Louisiana (1941)- NAWF
  92. The Shepherd of the Hills(1941) A stranger comes to a remote mountain village and influences its inhabitants who hate outsiders. Villagers soon start reflect the positive change in their attitude towards outsiders. However one of the villagers (The Duke) who hates his deserter father whom he hasn’t even seen yet, is still suspicious of this mysterious intruder.smily The first one in Technicolor among John Wayne Movies. This western film was based on the novel of the same name by Harold Bell Wright.
  93. Lady for a Night (1942)- NAWF
  94. Reap the Wild Wind(1942)- NAWF
  95. The Spoilers(1942)
  96. In Old California (1942)
  97. Flying Tigers (1942)- NAWF  You are scrolling through The COMPLETE List Of John Wayne Movies…Keep Going! smily
  98. Reunion in France(1942)- NAWF
  99. Pittsburg (1942)- NAWF
  100. A Lady Takes a Chance(1943)
  101. In Old Oklahoma aka War of the Wildcats (1943)
  102. The Fighting Seabees (1944)- NAWF
  103. Tall in the Saddle(1944) John Wayne plays Rocklin, a woman-hater, taciturn, rough and ready cow boy who is sent for by a rancher of a western town to work as a ranch foreman. But when a he arrives in the town he finds that his employer has been murdered. John Wayne films often had those ‘shocking’ surprises! smily Now his new employer is a woman. She’s handy with a gun, with a knife, and with Wayne. And our Duke senses that there is some scam going on to swindle the ranch away from its rightful owner. But what a man gotta do..! A good one from his old western movies. This was his first film to be shown on American network television.
  104. Flame of the Barbary Coast(1945)
  105. Back to Bataan(1945)- NAWF
  106. They Were Expendable (1945)- NAWF
  107. Dakota (1945)
  108. Without Reservations(1946)- NAWF
  109. Angel and the Badman (1947)
  110. Tycoon (1947)- NAWF
  111. Fort Apache(1948) The film was the first of the director’s “cavalry trilogy” and was followed by She Wore a Yellow Ribbon (1949) and Rio Grande (1950), both starring Wayne. John Wayne plays Captain Kirby York who is well respected in Apache Fort (an isolated U.S. cavalry post). He is expected to take charge of the post when the current commander is leaving. But to his surprise the command of the regiment was given to Lieutenant Colonel Owen Thursday (Henry Fonda). Now starts Thursday’s lust for power, honor, glory and recognition. Despite of Wayne and all other soldiers’ advice, he is adamant to go after native Indians. Director conveys a message that everyone deserves respect in this gem of John Wayne movies. read an interesting review from Johnny Matheis on Fort Apache smily
  112. Red River(1948)
  113. 3 Godfathers(1949)
  114. Wake of the Red Witch(1949)- NAWF
  115. The Fighting Kentuckian (1949)
  116. She Wore a Yellow Ribbon (1949)
  117. Sands of Iwo Jima(1949)- NAWF
  118. Rio Grande(1950) Rio Grande is set in the times of post Civil War when the Union was trying to solve the Apaches problem. Union officer Kirby Yorke(John Wayne) is posted in the Rio Grande where he hard trains new recruits. One of the recruits is Kirby’s son (Claude Jarman Jr.) whom he hasn’t seen in last many years. Story takes a turn (Didn’t I tell you that John Wayne films are full of turns? smily I love that) when young recruit’s mother Kathleen (Maureen O’Hara) comes in to take her son away from war field. Once again Kirby and Kathleen fall for each other again. But nothing comes easy in a war/western movie!smily But Yorke is having a hard time in war and at the same time he must rebuild his honor and save his broken family … an interesting review from Don on Rio Grandesmily
  119. Operation Pacific(1951)- NAWF
  120. Flying Leathernecks(1951)- NAWF
  121. Big Jim McLain(1952)- NAWF
  122. The Quiet Man(1952)- NAWF
  123. Trouble Along the Way(1953)- NAWF
  124. Island in the Sky(1953)- NAWF – You are scrolling through The COMPLETE List Of John Wayne Movies…Keep Going! smily
  125. Hondo (released in 3D)(1953)
  126. The High and the Mighty(1954)- NAWF
  127. The Sea Chase (1955)- NAWF
  128. Blood Alley(1955)- NAWF
  129. The Conqueror(1956)- NAWF
  130. The Searchers(1956) – John Wayne plays Ethan Edwards an ex-army veteran, who returns from the Civil War to find out that the Texas ranch of his brother is destroyed and his family is massacred by Comanche raid under Chief Scar. He comes to know that Indians have taken away his niece Debbie. Ethan starts a years-long search for his niece along with his half Indian nephew Martin. Finally they find Debbie but she has been a converted to an Indian (a twisting turn of John Wayne Movies . Ethan is at the verge of nervous breakdown due to his hatred for Indians and now Debbie is an Indian. Now Martin begins to suspect that his uncle’s hatred for the Indians is beginning to take over onto his Indian-turned niece. He becomes uncertain whether Ethan plans to rescue or to kill her. The Searchers is a must watch for every die hard John Wayne movies lover. The Searchers is also placed 12th on the American Film Institute’s 2007 list of the top 100 greatest movies of all time. In 1989, the United States National Film Registry’s first year of selecting films for preservation, The Searchers was one of the twenty-five films to be deemed “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant”.
  131. The Wings of Eagles(1957)- NAWF
  132. Jet Pilot(1957)- NAWF
  133. Legend of the Lost (1957)- NAWF
  134. I Married a Woman (1958)- NAWF
  135. The Barbarian and the Geisha(1958)- NAWF
  136. Rio Bravo(1959)
  137. The Horse Soldiers(1959)
  138. The Alamo(1960)
  139. North to Alaska(1960)
  140. The Commancheros (1961)
  141. The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance(1962) In 2007, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant”. So this movie doesn’t stand tall only due to its mass popularity, it also has got official accolades to corroborate its significance among classic western movies. The movie opens on a funeral. The funeral of Tom Doniphan (John Wayne). A U.S. Senator (Ransom Stoddard -James Stewart) and his wife have come back to the small town of Shinbone to attend this funeral, in an unnamed Western state. The senator explains a newsman why he has come to bury an apparent nobody. He narrates the whole story and the film unfolds in flashback. Fold by fold movie reveals the secret behind the man once who shot a feared outlaw Liberty Valance. A must watch from John Wayne Movies collection!
  142. Hatari (1962)- NAWF
  143. The Longest Day(1962)- NAWF
  144. How the West Was Won(1962)
  145. Donovan’s Reef(1963)- NAWF
  146. McLintock (1963) -You are scrolling through The COMPLETE List Of John Wayne Movies…Keep Going! smily
  147. Circus World, aka The Magnificent Showman(1964)- NAWF
  148. The Greatest Story Ever Told(1965)- NAWF
  149. In Harm’s Way(1965)- NAWF
  150. The Sons of Katie Elder(1965) -In this classic western from John Wayne films, four sons of Katie Elder – John, Tom, Bud and Matt come back to Clearwater, Texas for their Mother’s funeral. All share the regret of not doing anything for their mother who always had big expectations from her sons. John is a gunslinger, Tom is a gambler, Matt runs a hardware store and young Bud is a college goer. Soon after their arrival to the town, trouble starts brewing as Morgan Hastings, the owner of the local gunsmithy is not liking them in town. Brothers come to know that their ranch has been taken dishonestly by Hastings and their mother died in poverty. Things get nasty as the secret of their mother’s poverty opens up fold by fold. Can four brothers redeem the honor and pride of their mother while Hastings on a war with them? This film is shot shortly after Wayne’s surgery to remove a cancerous lung and two ribs. Duke insisted on performing his own stunts and nearly contracted pneumonia doing so.
  151. Cast a Giant Shadow(1966)- NAWF
  152. El Dorado(1966)
  153. The War Wagon (1967)
  154. The Green Berets (1968)- NAWF
  155. Hellfighters(1969)- NAWF
  156. True Grit (1969) -After her father is murdered by Tom Chaney (Jeff Corey), young tomboy looking Mattie Ross (Kim Darby) seeks justice and goes beyond law. She hires a drunk, quick-tempered, tough, old marshal “Rooster” Cogburn (John Wayne) to track down the killer. On their adventurous mission soon they are accompanied by a Texas Ranger, La Boeuf (Glen Campbell), who is also on the trail of the same killer for earning the reward on his head. ‘Rooster’ is portrayed amazingly candid by Duke. Enjoy an unusually hilarious tale from John Wayne fims. smily Although John Wayne had 5 another prominent awards nominations and 6 wins, True Grit is the only movie which won John Wayne an smily Oscar for the Best Actor in a Leading Role.
  157. The Undefeated(1969)
  158. Chisum (1970)
  159. Rio Lobo (1970)
  160. Raquel (TV movie)(1970)
  161. Big Jake (1971)
  162. The Cowboys (1972)
  163. The Train Robbers (1973)
  164. Cahill, United States Marshal (1973)
  165. McQ (1974)- NAWF
  166. Brannigan (1975)- NAWF
  167. Rooster Cogburn(1975)
  168. The Shootist (1976) So here is last shot of John Wayne Movies (sad , right?). John Bernard Books (John Wayne), a legendary gunfighter approaching his 58th birthday, comes in the town to see an old acquaintance Dr. Hostetler and finds out that he has rectal cancer and only two months to live. Dismayed by the knowledge of an awaiting painful death Books tries to keep a low profile and takes a room with a widow Mrs. Bond Rogers and her son, Gillom. But soon the whole town is stirred up by the presence of legendary J.B. Books. Most of the town people are in awe of him, some try to take him down to make their own name, Gillom idolizes him, the Marshal hates him, and Mrs. Bond becomes a friend after her initial disgust for J.B.Books. To avoid a painful death, Books comes up with an idea to go out with a bang. He invites all his rivals on his birthday in city bar to celebrate in an unforgettable way. And whole town is holding its breath to see who comes out of bar …Alive.
    A classic western movies gem!